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Words from the finalist…

Researchers led by Prof Sandra Esteves (Wales Centre for Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion, University of South Wales) have delivered >£2M of R&D to develop synthetic-methane (e-methane) production using renewable H2 & CO2 fermentation. The technology brings multiple benefits including recycling of CO2, biogas upgrading, renewable energy storage, optimising value from renewable energy assets and the provision of an infrastructure ready hydrogen carrier. The team can tailor solutions to fit with specific project requirements and has developed a modular reactor platform that delivers very stable, high quality gas output, recycles nutrients within the system, and has low reactor energy requirements. With the support of a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, Aeriogen Ltd, a spin out of University of South Wales, was created at the end of 2023 to commercialise the technology in the UK and internationally with a mission of making global contributions to net zero targets and circular economy development. 

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