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Words from the finalist…

Our company was founded in 2007 in Barcelona, Spain, and specializes in biogas cleaning, biomethane production, pyrolysis, and gasification of urban solid waste and biomass. Our company has been working in the biogas industry since 2000 as a supplier of equipment and technologies for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and landfill facilities. We have more than twenty-five facilities operating in, South America, North Africa, and Spain in different cities. 

Since 2012, given the experience gained in the biogas industry, we have been teaching the training course called “Biogas Capture, Cleaning, and Use Facilities”. This course is currently in its 25th edition and has trained many people and companies related to the biogas industry, including different R&D groups and engineering team. This training course has also served as a way of disseminating and promoting this type of Bioenergy, making known its benefits for society and industry as a way of managing waste, producing clean energy, and as a source of new products such as Biomethane, H2, methanol and so on 

Since 2024, the company has been part of the Tormene group conducting numerous biogas projects and its application as an energy vector in different energy production facilities. 

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