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With its EMISSION CO2NTROL™ technology (pictured above left), the firm Biogas-Fond GmbH  has been nominated a finalist in the category ‘Net Zero Circular Solutions’ in the AD and Biogas Industry Awards. The winners of all 11 categories will be announced at a glittering Ceremony on 10 July. Leo van Bree , CEO of Biogas-Fond GmbH, (pictured above right) sheds light on his intentions for the Ceremony and the concurrent World Biogas Expo and World Biogas Summit.


What is the role of technological innovation in supporting sectors such as agriculture and biogas?

Farmers are confronted with stricter regulations on CO2 and pollutants such as formaldehyde. Our technology removes these and produces valuable raw materials.

Biogas is an eco-friendly, versatile, and cost-effective energy source that contributes to environmental sustainability and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Its benefits extend beyond energy production to soil health, water quality, and waste management. As biogas is storable you can produce electricity the moment it is needed.


What brings you to the trade show?

As a nominee of the AD and Biogas Industry Awards, we are hoping to have conversations about our technology and how it could benefit the biogas sector and other industries.  Our intention for the trade show is to share information about our unique technology and also learn about the technologies of other companies in the biogas sector.  We think it will be a great opportunity to make international contacts. 


You mentioned your ‘unique technology.’ Tell us more.

Our EMISSION CO2NTROL™ technology makes the exhaust gas clean and therefore helps farmers dealing with regulations concerning CO2 and other pollutants. As a result, farmers save a lot of money because there is no more need for SCR systems, filters and catalytic converters. 

Our EMISSION CO2NTROL™ is a unique patented technology that can split CO2 into C and O2. It removes up to 99.9% of CO2 and other pollutants from exhaust gases and converts them into valuable raw materials. Our USP: the process needs <60 kWh/t CO2 electrical energy. In contrast to CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) and other CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilisation) technologies like DAC (Direct Air Capture), our technology is efficient, sustainable, and economical. 


Mingle with Biogas-Fond GmbH and like-minded industry-leaders at the AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony on the night of 10th July at the NCC Birmingham — click here to purchase your tickets. And whilst you are in Birmingham for the Ceremony, be sure to pop into the World Biogas Expo and World Biogas Summit at the NEC Birmingham — it’s a 5-minute drive away and free entry when you register here.

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