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Words from the finalist…

Significantly contributed to the advancement of the Compressed Biogas (CBG)/Biomethane Sector in India through active engagement at the intersection of science and policy. Conducted extensive research on India’s biomethane sector, exploring its potential across various raw materials and conducting thorough analyses of the policy framework while also identifying key challenges. A notable accomplishment includes the production of the comprehensive report titled “Greening India’s Energy Mix with Compressed Biogas,” serving as a blueprint for establishing biomethane plants in India. Recently, authored a report titled “Compressed Biogas Landscape in Uttar Pradesh,” the leading biogas state in India, highlighting potential from diverse feedstocks, current scenarios, economics, and grassroots challenges. Additionally, designed and led a pioneering three-day residential training program on CBG, a first of its kind nationally, aimed at enhancing the skills of various stakeholders. To ensure widespread dissemination of biogas knowledge, authored informative scientific articles published in DownToEarth, catering to a broader audience and simplifying the complexities of CBG. This strategic dissemination played a vital role in raising awareness and generating interest in the field. These initiatives not only facilitated knowledge sharing but also fostered partnerships and collaborations within the field. 

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