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Words from the finalist…

Ellough is the largest gas-to-grid plant in the East of England, showcasing unparalleled scale and efficiency. With a capacity to process 80,000 tonnes of energy crops annually, sourced from a network of over 40 local farmers, we epitomise sustainable energy production at its finest and continually strive for operational excellence. Harnessing the power of biogas, we fuel a 500KW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and upgrade our biogas into biomethane, seamlessly integrating it into the national grid at an average rate of 1150 Standard Cubic Meters (SCM) per hour. Notably, our commitment to excellence has yielded remarkable results, with a record-breaking gas-to-grid efficiency of 99% achieved as of Q1 2023. 

In March 2023, Ellough underwent a thorough site visit by the Health, Safety and Environment team, resulting in zero enforcement actions or improvement recommendations. This remarkable outcome, achieved during major maintenance works, underscores our unwavering commitment to exemplary health, safety, and environmental standards. All scheduled works were completed without incident or injury, highlighting our meticulous approach to operational planning and execution. 

Our success story is underpinned by a meticulous approach to operations and maintenance. With strategic utilisation of feedstocks and continual analysis combined with rigorous preventative maintenance planning, we ensure optimal performance and reliability. This includes continuous condition monitoring, robust stock management of critical spares, and continual investment and development of a highly skilled team proficient in anaerobic digestion techniques and asset maintenance. 

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