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Words from the finalist…

ENGIE Brazil, sponsored by ENGIE Foundation, in partnership with The Brazilian Association of Biogas (ABiogás), HomeBiogas and Energy Assistance France (EAF), is offering 19 biodigester units to public schools and institutions across the 5 regions of Brazil. The biodigesters accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, generating up to 7 hours of biogas from just 10 kilos of organic waste per day, thus reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. In addition, they produce up to 10 liters of natural liquid biofertilizer, providing a sustainable source for fertilizing vegetable gardens and reducing up to 6 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The project boost income generation as it creates microeconomies around the use of biogas and biofertilizers, connecting school, parents and surrounding communities. This equipment offers access to renewable energy by replacing cooking gas from fossil sources, reducing costs associated with buying cylinders for the canteens of these educational institutions. It also promotes a sustainable alternative to their waste management and the opportunity to teach about the energy transition in an empirical and ludic way. Coworkers from ENGIEs companies in Brazil are volunteers, supported by Energy Assistance France – EAF and help with the installation of the equipment and the teaching process to the institutions benefited. 

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