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Words from the finalist…

Founded in 2005, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous has emerged as a frontrunner in processing and delivering freshly prepared vegetables to ready meal producers and the food service industry throughout the UK. Our plant stands out as a superior choice among facilities of equal or smaller capacity, thanks to its remarkable >98.5% overall efficiency. Our exceptional efficiency is achieved through our consistent approach of utilizing all of the waste produced from our potato factory on-site and sourcing additional feedstocks from local farmers, thereby minimizing the carbon footprint associated with importing materials from multiple sources. An excellent planned maintenance programme has been developed and adhered to over the years by our trained on-site personnel, this ensures the plant remains compliant to all of the relevant authorities and accreditations whilst limiting the down-time of the plant. Furthermore, our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to the end product, with the digestate being PAS110 accredited. This certification ensures that the digestate serves as a valuable and environmentally friendly resource, it is repurposed as a biofertilizer on our own potato growing land to form part of our soil enrichment programme. This reduces the requirement of artificial fertilisers to grow the best quality potatoes to supply the company’s processing factory. 

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