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Entry Title: Cattle Dung to Biogas Plant at Gorakhnath Temple in the district of Gorakpur of Uttar Pradesh, India.

A 5 Tons Per Day Cattle Dung to 200 m3/day Biogas Plant was set up by IndianOil under corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Gorakhnath Temple in the district of Gorakpur of Uttar Pradesh . The intervention addresses societal challenges related to environmental pollution from generation of cattle dung, contributing to methane emissions. The business case focuses on providing a sustainable solution that not only mitigates environmental impact but also results in substantial cost savings for the temple. The Biogas Plant utilizes dung  from ~400 cows. By replacing traditional cooking fuels and diesel generators with biogas, the temple achieves financial savings, contributing to the cleanliness of the environment and furthering social service initiatives. The biogas produced is harnessed for various applications, primarily for cooking in the temple kitchen and for generating electricity through a Dual Fuel Generator. The digestate, a nutrient-rich organic byproduct, is used as manure for horticulture, organic farming, and green-belt development within the temple complex. This effort  meets SDG Goal 2 (Zero hunger), Goal 6 (Clean water & sanitation), Goal 7 (Affordable & Clean Energy) and Goal 13 (Climate Action). 

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