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Words from the finalist…

Katrin Pütz, the founder of (B)energy, emerges as a visionary leader in the renewable energy sector, particularly focusing on the widespread adoption of biogas technology in Africa. With a profound understanding of the pressing challenges faced by Sub-Saharan Africa, including indoor air pollution, deforestation, and energy scarcity, Katrin sees biogas as a transformative solution while simultaneously creating a lucrative business opportunity. She envisions a future where biogas becomes a mainstream energy source, breaking free from dependency on development aid and carbon finance. 

Katrin’s mission is not only to provide clean and affordable energy but also to empower African business leaders to take ownership of the biogas sector. By combining German technological innovation with African entrepreneurial spirit, Katrin believes in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that drives economic development and environmental sustainability. 

In her call to action, Katrin invites investors and biogas colleagues to join the new private sector movement, BiogasUnite. BiogasUnite’s mission is to address the challenges faced by failed biogas systems across Africa. This Pan-African repair and customer service initiative aims to recover all failed biogas systems on the continent and advocates for creating favourable conditions as the basis for successful large-scale implementation of biogas technology across Africa. 

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