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Words from the finalist…

Separation of organic waste system (fifth container or brown bin) was implemented in Madrid between 2017 and 2020. Now, thanks to the collaboration of the citizens of Madrid,  biogas and biomethane generated from biowaste management at Valdemingómez Technology Park (VTP) is injected into the gas grid. 

Recently, a sustainable mobility and circular economy project has been developed and 6GWh/year of the biomethane generated from biowaste is used in the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) bus fleet (using system of guarantees of origin). It is considered an environmental awareness project, as it shows that proper separation of biowaste at source improves recycling rates, enables the production of renewable biofuels and allows the bus fleet decarbonization.  

A modern composting plant (“Los Cantiles”) is being built for managing properly the digestate generated in AD in order to produce fertilizers. Furthermore, measures to enhance environmental control of diffuse biogas emissions are performed.  

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