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Words from the finalist…

Northeast Biogas Initiative (NBI) is a community collaboration for biogas education and the development of safe, affordable, carbon-neutral, small-scale biodigesters suitable for temperate climatesWe conduct in-person and online educational workshops, speaking events, and consultations to farms, schools, businesses and homes in Western Mass. Since 2019, we have been working closely with UMass Amherst, Biogas Education Hub, and educators, researchers and industry specialists from across the Northeast and beyond. We are currently running a pilot program called “Community Biogas” with Nuestras Raíces, a local, urban latinx-run community farm to heat a greenhouse for early seed starting. Next year, we help Nuestras Raíces heat another greenhouse to grow culturally appropriate tropical plants, and in the future supply the city’s network of community gardens with digesters for processing kitchen waste on site in the city and to produce cooking gas for barbecues. 

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