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Biolectric (see profile here) is a finalist in the category ‘Micro AD Initiative’ in the AD and Biogas Industry Awards. The winners of all the categories will be announced at the Awards Ceremony  on 10th July at the NCC Birmingham, United Kingdom. In the run-up to the Ceremony, Biolectric’s UK Country Manager, Joseph Fayolle shares with us why Biolectric’s mono-digester is a unique and influential solution for farmers in the UK and abroad.


What pressures are you noticing farmers are facing lately?

We see that there’s more and more pressure on the farmers in the United Kingdom (and the whole of Europe) from policy makers, dairy cooperations and the consumers to produce their products in a more sustainable way. With these systems, the farmers future proof the farm and are ahead of the regulations that will most likely be implemented in the coming years. As an example, Tesco (UK’s largest grocer) offers dairy farmers extra monetary incentives when they produce in a more sustainable manner (more info at:

Based on information we gathered from reports of the European Commission statistics division, European Commission agriculture division and European Parliament, we estimate that there are about 26.000 – 28.000 dairy farms in Europe which fall within the capacity range of Biolectric’s mono digesters. Currently we’ve built up more than 350 installations in 12 different countries throughout Europe. This means that there is still a significant potential to extend farm-scale digester technology to more farms in Europe.

How can farmers cope with these pressures?

By enabling farmers to produce biogas on their own farm, we aim to broaden the production of biogas as a green energy source. By offering a solution that turns the cow and pig manures into electricity and heat, we manage to overcome certain challenges. First of all, there’s the significant reduction (82%) of CO2 emissions from manure. There’s no need for heavy transport to bring the waste product (manure) to a central location which makes this solution more eco-friendly than big centralised installations.

On top of these environmental benefits, the farmer also gains a number of advantages by directly turning their manure into energy. They can use this energy for their own business and become more self-sufficient in their energy needs. The digestate that’s left over after the fermentation process, is an excellent fertiliser.

With our technology, we can assist farmers in becoming more sustainable while also ensuring this process is financially advantageous for them.


What size farms does your technology support?

We specialise in standardising the production process of building farm-scale digesters. As a result, we offer a tailor-made solution with various sizes of installations at an affordable upfront costs. These sizes are dependent on the number of cows or pigs at the farm. In practice, this means that we offer installations suitable for farms from 60 to 500 cows. It is great to see such a variety of sizes of farms and being able to add value to them with our technology.


What is the role of Biolectric’s mono-digester  in on-farm AD (anaerobic digestion)?

At the trade show we will be showcasing our On-Farm AD and the technology behind it. Our mono-digester offers a unique solution to reduce up to 82% of the CO2 emissions that are emitted by cow slurry. Only the cow manure on the farm is needed to produce electricity and heat which can be used on and around the farm. This whole process takes place on a farm-scale level, thus eliminating the need for heavy transport to a central location. The digestate, which you get after the fermentation process, can be used as an effective fertilizer by the farmer.

We are attending the biogas convention to explore the latest advancements and innovations in the biogas industry. Our main goal is to gather valuable information that can help us further enhance our operations and product, as well as sharing best practices among the biogas community. Additionally, we intend to network with potential partners and suppliers.


Our readers will be glad to meet you at the trade show. Any last words to them as they book their travel and pack their bags?

This trade show offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest industry trends, technologies, and innovations. It’s also an excellent platform for networking with industry leaders, experts, and potential business partners.


In addition to attending the AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony on 10th July, Biolectric is also guest-speaking in the Engine Room theatre at the World Biogas Expo, taking place 10th-11th July. Click here to purchase your Awards Ceremony tickets. And click here to register FREE for the World Biogas Expo.

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