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Words from the finalist…

Charlton Park Biogas in Wiltshire, developed and partially owned by Raw Energy, stands as a beacon of sustainability, combining cutting-edge technology from HoSt Bioenergy and optimal management by Raw Energy. Designed to champion the circular economy, the plant maximises efficiency and consistency whilst ensuring the safety of all those working there. Charlton Park Biogas processes a blend of liquid wastes brought in daily from food and beverage producers, combined with energy crops grown by the Charlton Park Estate surrounding the plant. The production of biomethane is the plant’s primary output, meeting the energy needs of over 5,000 UK homes as well as providing sufficient liquid and solid biofertiliser to nourish more than 5,000 acres of British farmland, without the use of fossil fuels.

Plans are underway to further augment the plant by capturing CO2 and recycling it into the manufacturing sector. Despite challenges during construction, including COVID-19 disruptions and volatile commodity prices, Charlton Park Biogas is now fully operational, consistently exceeding performance targets, achieving up to 104% of the design specification. 

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