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The AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony will be 10-11 July. In the run-up, Aafko Scheringa, Sales Director of Electrochaea GmbH, shares how a cutting-edge  technology decarbonises natural gas infrastructure while harnessing the power of the ancient…


You made it on the Awards shortlist in the category ‘Research and Innovation.’ Congratulations! What do you intend to get out of the AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony on 10 July at the NCC Birmingham?

We will make our state of the art technology (BioCat Methane) known in the market, learn about the current situation of the market and network for future opportunities. 


Tell us a bit more BioCat Methane?

BioCat Methane (Power to gas or more specifically power to methane technology) contributes to reduce GHG emissions, storage electrical energy in a chemical way and decarbonise the natural gas infrastructure. Our biocatalyst makes a sustainable drop-in replacement for natural gas converting biogenic CO2 plus green Hydrogen from electrolysis to produce Synthetic Methane.  In other words, our technology can process Raw biogas to produce Biomethane (separation of biogenic CO2 and CH4) and to produce Synthetic Methane (BioCat Methane). This helps to meet the increasing global energy demand. Overall: a scalable patented technology for renewable BioCat Methane production, utilising ancient natural organisms called Archaea!


Why is the biogas industry’s Research and Innovation important for the world at large?

The International Energy Agency Net Zero Scenario identifies a major need for renewable gases, especially for H2-based synthetic methane. BIoCat Methane can contribute:
– Long-term green energy storage in existing infrastructure
– Mitigates renewable power curtailment
– Recycles existing CO2
– Abates fossil CO2 emissions from all NG applications including LNG and CNG
– Drop-in alternative to fossil fuels
– BioCat Methane is a low-emission e-fuel based on green hydrogen


What would you say to our readers who are thinking of coming to the World Biogas Expo, World Biogas Summit and AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony?

Come to get familiar with new state of the art technologies!


Meet Electrochaea GmbH at the AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony on the 10th July at the NCC Birmingham. It will be a night of celebrations, dinner with live entertainment and industry networking. Click here to purchase your tickets to the Ceremony. And click here to register free for the World Biogas Expo and Summit, taking place a 5-minute drive away on 10-11 July.

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