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1. Best Food Waste Supply Chain Project

Good Energy

Sponsored by Good Energy

Biogas Academy/Biogasakademin (SE)
“Dr Rapp´s Recipe for Biogas: Making Better Use of Stockholm Hospital Food Waste”

“No Good Food Should Go To Waste”

“Winnow – Technology to cut food waste in half”

CSIR – Indian Institue of Chemical Technology (IICT)
“Highrate Biomethanation of Food Waste Based on Anaerobic Gas Lift Reactor (AGR) Technology”

2. Best Process Optimisation in AD

“Biological Optimisation as a Pathway to Profitable AD”

Xergi/Stream Bioenergy
“Tully Biogas Plant, Ballymena, N.Ireland”

NVP Energy
“NVP Energy Wastewater to Energy Process Optimisation at Arrabawn Dairies”

ALPS Ecoscience UK Ltd

Ashleigh Environmental
“The Biowave™ Project”

3. Making the Most of Digestate

Dorset Green Machines
“Nutrient Recovery”

“By Nature, For Nature”

“Veenhuis Nutri-flow and the Rotomax”

Stopford Energy and Environment
“Maximising the Value of Digestate”

4. Making the Most of Biogas

Cryo Pur
“Greenville Bio-LNG plant”

Bio Collectors
“Making the Most of Biogas”

Granville Energy Supply & Edina
“Granville Energy Supply & Edina”

5. AD Hero of the Year


Sponsored by Future Biogas

J F Temple & Son Ltd
Stephen Temple

Ian Farr

Malaby Biogas
Thomas Minter

6. AD Team of the Year

Privilege Finance

CSIR – Indian Institue of Chemical Technology (IICT)
Highrate Biomethanation of Food Waste Based on Anaerobic Gas Lift Reactor (AGR) Technology


Uniflare Group

7. Best AD Support – Technical

Uniflare Group
Oscar Bio-energy Hong Kong

Cooper Ostlund
“Setting the Standard for CHP Excellence Internationally”

Sweco UK Ltd

8. Best AD Support (Legal, Accounting, Consulting)

Octego – Committed to ADding Value

Aardvark EM Limited
AD Benchmarking and Improvement Team

Fisher German LLP
Fisher German the Sustainable Energy Team

Privilege Finance

9. Research Project Award

Exergyn Limited
The Exergyn Drive ™

Clayton Hall Farm Biogas Products Ltd
Innovative Additive to Utilise “indigestible” Biomass

Perlemax Ltd
Desai-Zimmerman Anaerobic Digestion Cycle – Sustainably Intensified Anaerobic Digestion with Novel Biogas Sweetening

ALPS Ecoscience UK Ltd

10. Best Innovation in Biomethane

Cryo Pur
Greenville Bio-LNG plant

BioSense VOC. Gas Analyser

Best Innovation in Biomethane

Portsdown Hill: The Remote Grid Entry Hub C

11. AD Rising Star

Sponsored by 4DAD Services

Privilege Finance
Katie French

RUR3 Environmental Ltd
Sean Morgan

Iona Capital
Alex Todhunter

12. Best Methane or Ammonia Emissions Management Project

Recovering Minerals from Manure and Reducing Ammonia Emissions

J F Temple & Sons Ltd
Ammonia Emission Reduction at Copys Green Farm

Centriair for Methane and Ammonia Emissions

13. UK AD Plant Manager of the Year

Granville Ecopark
Shane Doherty

Rob Greenow

Malaby Biogas
Colin Hirons

14. Best UK On-Farm AD Plant


Sponsored by Vogelsang

Agrogen, Staffordshire

Xergi/Stream Bioenergy
Tully Biogas Plant, Ballymena, N.Ireland

Future Biogas
Redstow Renewables

15. Best UK Food Waste AD Plant


Sponsored by Air Liquide

Severn Trent
Coleshill Food Waste AD Plant

Agrivert Ltd
Agrivert North London

Bio Collectors

Granville Ecopark

16. Best International Agricultural Plant




Sponsored by Pentair

World’s First Biomethane Production Facility from Fresh Veal Manure

SIATnv/sa, Societe d’Investissement pour l’Agriculture Tropicale
First Large Scale AD & Biogas Plants in West Africa; A Hope for the Palm Oil Sector

Ashleigh Environmental
The Biowave™ project

QUBE Renewables
dryQUBE – Rural Rice Straw Dry Digestion with Biomethane Upgrader in the Philippines

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